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Welcome to the Malevolent Guild on the Sedyn Kyne Server.

We are a social/leveling guild and are always looking for more friendly players. Whisper any Malevolent member in game for more information.
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Server Transfer

aftexan, Feb 14, 12 5:09 PM.
Hey Guys! A bunch of us are tired of waiting for PVP queues... Not being able to find Hard Mode groups... Not being able to find regular Flashpoints for alts.... No one ever on planets to do heroics.... So we have rolled toons on the Sith Wyrms Server. If enough people migrate over and show interest I will recreate the Malevolent Guild on that server. My toons name is Necro so whisper me in game for more details. So far we have a total of 6 people who have rolled on over. I know it sucks starting from scratch after so much hard work and dedication.... Trust me I know! I have a 50 and 5 toons at 30+... Starting sucks big time. But the ability to actually be able to find groups and get PVP may pay off in the end. So... If you are interested, whisper me in game. Look forward to seeing more people! :D

~Sith Darkness

Vent Info

aftexan, Feb 12, 12 11:42 AM.
Port: 29176
Password: rinato

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aftexan, Feb 5, 12 1:05 PM.
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